Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mario Cross-Stitch Rad Towel!

This is a towel that rad-ly showcases Super Mario from his early incarnation as a plumber in “Super Mario Bros. 1” to his ossified state as a stone statue (a feat accomplished when in possession of the elusive Tanuki suit) in “Super Mario Bros. 3.”

Super Mario Across the NES Ages

---A little history on why I think this is so damn cool...
A week or so ago, I was searching for images of Mario from the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). I knew there was probably a fun way to recreate NES images in another form, because they are so damn simple. (8-bit gaming, how I miss thee!) Anyway, I eventually stumbled upon this site (SpriteStitch.com). I was very pleased to find that someone had smartly and artistically transferred many of the 8-bit images of NES characters and scenes into cross-stitch form!

This transfer from video game pixels to embroidery floss cross-stitches only makes sense. Both mediums require smaller “bits” of color to create a larger image. However, I also think the whole thing is funny because video games and cross-stitch couldn't be more different from one another! I definitely wanna try this out, but it does make me feel like a girl… I guess I'll only cross-stich manly characters...

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