Thursday, May 27, 2010

10,000 Days: And a maniac for every one of them

Yesterday, I made an unfortunate discovery. I realized that I missed celebrating my 10,00oth day of life! Sadly, it was just 59 days ago. March 30th. Damn you, March 30th! Damn you right in the “th”!

What a boring date it was. Day 10,000. I looked in my emails to see what I was up to on March 30th. As it turns out, I emailed my director a lackluster comedy sketch (I write comedy sketches for a sketch comedy group in Hollywood) and emailed a bunch of scanned images to myself as part of my office job. *Yawn*.

I didn’t even know this big day was coming! Had I known, I would’ve spent the day doing all of the things I love!

Here are some ideas I thought of in the past thirty seconds…
-Light 10,000 sparklers in a really dry library
-Write about it on my blog
-Dance until it hurts
-Yell facts at people out my window
-Rename my car
-Drink a Miller High Life Light (10,000 times)
-Make a rare and unusual sandwich
-Pull the fire alarm at my job as a means of celebration
-Write a really sad acoustic guitar song about it
-Invite 10,000 of my closest friends to join me on a gay cruise ship that I’m not going to go on

Oh, readers! If you are lucky enough to have not yet enjoyed your 10,000th day of life (or any other day-based milestone), take advantage and enjoy it! Click this link to see your day-age!

May ALL your days be milestones!