Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I Learned: “The Hike”


This past Saturday, I hiked the Temescal Canyon Loop. And you didn't! Unless, of course, you are Chris Rock. In which case, you most certainly did hike the Temescal Canyon Loop, because I saw you in your blue Adidas track suit, white Kangol hat and giant headphones.

Anyway, in case you’re wondering, the Temescal Canyon Loop is in Topanga State Park, which is in the Santa Monica Mountains, which is just west of Los Angeles, where I live. I wrote that all in one breath!

The following is what I learned from the hike, in no particular order.

1. I love being near flowing water in nature. I technically already knew this, but it’s always a pleasure to re-learn it. There was a modest waterfall along the trail and my two hiking compadres (girlfriend and dudefriend) and I took off our shoes and socks and walked in the beautiful, chilly nature-pool. (Reminder: We don’t swim in your toilet, so don’t pee in our pool.) Deeelightful.

2. Lone hikers are scary. I keep thinking they want to push me into the canyon.

3. Smog is good. When we reached the peak of the trail, the fuzzy haze of the smog made the ocean, the piers and the rich people’s houses below look like some beautiful scene from a long-forgotten dream.

4. Obese people should wear shirts while sweating in Temescal Canyon.

5. Sometimes my girlfriend is right. On our ascent up the mountain path, the three of us clambered up a steep, dangerous and tunnel-like passageway in the brush. Our first problem was mistaking it for what a California camping website called "a moderate, gently sloping, family-friendly hiking trail". My girlfriend knew the whole time we were on the wrong path. BUT, we made it, didn’t we? Didn’t we, Honey?

That’s all for now. I may have learned more from this hike, but I forgot it after the test. No matter. Until next time, happy trails!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Computing News

Fanfare trumpeters

The rumors are true. I have amazing news! (Drum roll) After hemming and hawwing, dilly-dallying, and doing other things that can be expressed with a pair of words that begin with the same letter, I have finally purchased a new laptop! Rejoice! It's the first one I've ever bought and, so far, it works like a charm! (I'll probably put it on that charm bracelet I've been meaning to buy.)

Now that I have my own computer, I will no longer have to bother my roommates to use their computers or go to the stinkin' library where gross people in sweatpants grease up the keyboards with their fingers and drool on the mouse. From now on, I will be doing the greasing up and drooling... on my own laptop! I'm such a grownup!

Why did you buy a computer, QMC?
-Freelance work in the TV industry often - if not always - requires a laptop computer.
-Creative writing. Mainly comedy sketches and bloggy bloggertons.
-Strong need to feel like a grownup.
-Impress my girlfriend.
-Had too much money lying around.
-Needed the warm yet heartless touch of something on my lap.
-Wanted to make a big purchase to spur the economy out of recession.
-If I didn't buy it, who would have? Some jerk? I may have just saved this laptop from a bad home.
-Felt like blogging about getting a new computer.

In closing, I'd like to set your mind a ponderin'... What brave new heights might I soar to now that I am fully equipped with a quality laptop? Stay tuned!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Overheard in TV World

Female TV Producer 1: You bought a 600 dollar pair of boots?!
Female TV Producer 2: (Pause) Yeah.
Female TV Producer 1: The ones with the buckle?
Female TV Producer 2: Yeah.
Female TV Producer 1: Oh. That's a good buy.